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If you are on a tight budget but want to upgrade your backyard with a decorative patio – instead of brick-made or natural stone patios, we highly recommend our concrete patio designs. If you want a vast array of decorative options or if you’re looking to add texture to your patio, we can provide our stamp technique.

On the other hand, if you want to add subtle hints of color or bolder design accents, our stain techniques should do the trick. Hence, you do not need to spend a huge amount of money to acquire the beautiful and sophisticated patio that you desire. Rest assured, we will provide the best results possible to achieve your needs.

If you’re wondering why we suggest a concrete patio design, it’s because we value your hard-earned money. Brick-made and natural stone patios are hard to maintain. With the concrete patio design, you’ll just need to look after the proper maintenance.

We operate the stamp and stain technique to achieve the same design as the brick-made and natural stone patios. The versatility of the technique fits any backyard surface which is hard to achieve using traditional materials. It also solves the problem of color blending of the patios and the existing landscape.


We love our work. Because of the love and passion, we dedicate our time to provide you an up-to-date portfolio that you may not have searched online. We give you the best options you have never imagined that’s both good on paper and better in the actual layout.


We understand how much you want to get the natural stone finish on your patio. We love to see it too in your backyard. A concrete patio design must not be ignored as it provides several benefits, especially for busy people.


Quick installation

It means that you don’t need to wait for several weeks to see a complete project. The concrete type is easy to install and you’ll have a usable patio after a few days.


Low maintenance

If you have no time to remove all the weeds that grow in between stones, the concrete type is for you. It’s easy to clean, sweeping and quick rinsing are the only maintenance activities you need to do.



The installation of concrete type requires several days to complete, and you don’t need to spend too much on labor. The material is affordable. Properly installed concrete can withstand any weather condition which means that re-installation will not be needed.


You can guarantee expert craftsmanship from us. We incorporate systematic work that helps to lessen the clutter as the project progresses. We treat every item in your house as our own so you don’t have to worry about anything.


We love to work with people too. We love to hear your opinion because it gives us a better understanding of your needs. We know that our design will not be effective if it does not match the nature of your backyard. In every project we create, you are always our priority. If you’re looking for a patio builder in Richmond VA, you can count on us.



As a patio contractor in Richmond VA, we give you not only the quality work that you need. We guarantee you that our work complies with the requirements of the state. You’ll get an up-to-date design that matches the state’s trend.

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