Building a deck is a great idea to create an ideal outdoor space for your home. The concept of decks goes beyond constructing a board and nailing them together. Decks can be a good outdoor sit-out where you can enjoy gatherings with your family, friends or merely sit alone and read a book, sip your favorite coffee, and enjoy the natural beauty you are flanked with. If you are planning to build a deck anytime soon, read the below-listed tips and ideas to materialize your plan at best:

Cover the Joists

The first most important tip during deck installation is covering the joists. As long as the wood can dry, it is okay for it to get wet. The essential thing here to take care of is standing water. You can do it by laying a thin metal sheet on the top first or using an elastomeric membrane. When you use this, the water falling through decking gaps is not left standing on the top of the joists.

Make some space between the deck boards

Always remember, gaps between the deck boards are essential. It is because they allow better drainage and do not build up debris. When the gap is small, it clogs up with the dirt, thereby holding moisture. This further swells the wood of your deck. When you make space between the deck boards, the debris and water flow easily. It not only increases the life of your patio but also helps you maintain it in the long run.

Do not sink screws too far

If you sink the screws too far into your decking material, you will end up creating tiny reservoirs. Now, the water will sit and soak into these reservoirs and hamper the quality of the wood. Do not rely on the screw to pull the board tight, rather keep some weight on it and leave the screws flush with the top surface. This arrangement will shed the water more easily.

Under-mounted fasteners are a good idea

Under-mounted deck fasteners improve the aesthetic appeal of your deck and provide it a cleaner look. Apart from adding aesthetic value to the arrangement, it also keeps water damage at bay. You can screw a metal bracket to the side of the joist to screw up into the bottom and further pull it down. Although this attempt requires a lot of effort, it is worth all the hype.

Use double joists

Suppose you want to make your deck structure all the more durable, use double joists at the joints. This arrangement doesn’t let the water accumulate or run down between the deck boards. This step may involve some technical planning. Hence, you can seek help from a deck builder in Richmond, VA, for a fair execution. When an expert performs this step, it surely extends the life of your deck.


The above-listed tips and ideas will not only help you build your deck successfully but also ensure that the deck lasts long, stands all kinds of wear and tear, and looks aesthetically appealing. Work on these tips and build your deck to perfection.
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